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Birthday Parties: Gifts for Twins

April 17, 2018 Comments Off on Birthday Parties: Gifts for Twins

Q. My daughter has been invited to the birthday party of twin girls with whom she attends school. One of the twins was in her class and my daughter knows her better. The other twin was not in her class, and she doesn’t know her as well except through the occasional Girl Scout meeting. My question is how do we handle the gift purchase for the party? Should each girl get a separate gift? If so, should the total amount I spend be double that of what I would spend on a single gift or should the two gifts add up to what I would normally spend for one gift?

A. Generally speaking, it is correct to give both twins a birthday gift as the party is for the two of them, even though your daughter may only be close with one girl. However, you may certainly give a joint gift, one that they may both find useful and enjoy, in lieu of buying two separate gifts. The amount you spend on a birthday gift is not a decision that can be ruled by correct etiquette, it is simply a personal choice.

April 18, 2018