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Double Dipping Dilemma: From the host perspective

June 12, 2018 Comments Off on Double Dipping Dilemma: From the host perspective

Q: What’s the best way to handle a guest who is double dipping?

A: If you are the host and you know the offender well, discreetly and politely – but firmly – ask the person to stop. A bit of humor can help the medicine go down. If the double dipping seems to have just begun, remove the dip to the kitchen and spoon out the tainted part. If the dip is beyond redemption, toss it and put out a fresh bowl. If you don’t know the double dipper, keep mum, but discreetly remove the dip and dump it. Then let it go and enjoy the party. If you are a guest at the party, you can whisper in the host’s ear about what you have witnessed. And, of course, skip the dip.


June 13, 2018