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Awesome Etiquette Podcast

March 28, 2018 0 Comments

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dan_lizzie-004Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning cousins and co-presidents of the Emily Post Institute answer your questions about etiquette in the 21st century in this weekly hour long podcast. With advice based on consideration, respect, and honesty, Awesome Etiquette guides listeners through everything from traditional etiquette quandaries to everyday and emerging issues in today’s world.

Have a question, feedback, or etiquette salute for the show? Send your submissions to Or get in touch via the show’s Facebook page (we love likes!) just use the hashtag #AwesomeEtiquette in your post so we know your want your question on the show. You can also call and leave us a message with your question, feedback, or salute at 802-858-KIND (802-858-5463). We’d love to hear your voice!

Are you a fan of the show and want to help? Please leave us a review on your favorite podcast app, or consider introducing friends and family to the show – every subscriber and every download is AWESOME! As we say on every episode: There’s no show without you and we want to thank you for your time, your attention, and your continued support. Thank you.

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The Emily Post Awesome Etiquette Podcast

Meet Our Show

Each episode starts off with a friendly hello and some Post-cousin banter about Vermont life, and the adventures that being etiquette experts entail… (Riveting.) This is followed by Post answers to four to five listener submitted etiquette questions ranging from how to handle group take-out orders to the nitty gritty of names and titles… Then the cousins turn back to the listeners for a feedback segment that helps further shape the etiquette advice they give and offers fresh perspectives and solutions to the situations discussed in previous episodes… Next up is a “Postscript” segment where the Posts cover topics that range from readings of etiquette books old and new, to deep dives into specific etiquette topics and adventures in etiquette around the globe… The show ends on a high note with listener submitted “Etiquette Salutes” offered to inspire and bring the focus back to the good we all see in the world.

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The Emily Post Awesome Etiquette PodcastWe have a new way for you to support the show. Please consider becoming a sustaining member of the Awesome Etiquette podcast. All sustaining memberships levels come with access to an ads-free version of the show, extra content from us, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to keep awesome etiquette alive and available to everyone! Whether you choose $2, $5, $10 or $20 a month we are incredibly grateful for your support. We invite you to visit and become a sustaining member today!


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We appreciate the support of our sponsors: Ziprecruiter, Casper, Blue Apron, and Cedar Ridge Soaps.
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