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E-mail Etiquette: Cc & Bcc – Which to use and why

April 3, 2018 0 Comments

Q: How should Bcc be used when emailing?

A: You’re right to be wary and seek clarification on this one. The Cc (carbon copy) function allows the sender to send a copy of the email to someone other than the primary recipient of the email. When you use this function the primary recipient can see that another person was sent a copy of the email. Bcc (blind carbon copy) allows the sender to send a copy of the email to someone without the primary recipient knowing.  We recommend you exercise care with how you use it. One useful way to use the Bcc function is when you are sending out a mass email and do not wish each recipient to be able to view the entire list of recipients. By using Bcc this way you are protecting recipients’ email addresses from being shared.  When in doubt use the Cc function and let the primary recipient know why you’ve Cc’d the other person. “Jim, I’d like to have the materials ready to go by Friday. As you can see I’ve Cc’d my assistant, Katherine, on this email so she is aware of our proposed deadline and can be ready to ship the materials.”

Email on a mobile device