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Expensive Weddings: Gifting Accordingly

April 12, 2018 0 Comments

Q. I am attending a wedding, which is taking place in a castle. The bride has told all guests to dress appropriately in the Elizabethan style and so I have rented my costume. The location of the wedding is almost two hours from where I live, so I’ve reserved a hotel room for the night of the wedding. Also, the bride and groom wanted their guests to have transportation to the wedding from the hotel location, which I think is very thoughtful, until I received the invitation and you had to pay if you wanted to use the transportation. Then there’s the wedding shower, for which I need to purchase a gift.

I don’t mean to sound frugal, but working on a tight budget myself, I’m already into this wedding for more than $250. I usually give the bride and groom a check for $100, but in this case where I’ve already spent more than $250 what would be the proper amount of money to give or spend on a wedding gift, or is dressing in theme as the bride wanted gift enough?

A. Even though the bride and groom are causing their guests to spend a lot of money just to attend the wedding, you still would want to give a wedding gift. Instead of giving cash, you might want to check to see if they have a registry and select a modest gift from that list. If they aren’t registered, you still could select something you think they would like to have and send a wedding gift before the wedding. There really is no guideline for the cost of a gift, but you do have to take into consideration the expenses you are incurring on their behalf when making your selection.

April 13, 2018