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Professional Titles: When in Doubt, Ask How

April 13, 2018 2 Comments

Q. The university for which I work will have a new president who is not from this region. Both he and his wife have requested that she establish her own identity here. They do not want to use President and Mrs. What is the correct form for an invitation that reads ‘the regents invite you to welcome President John Doe and Mrs. Jane Doe…’ Is “President John Doe and Jane Doe” better?

A. The best thing to do is ask her how she wishes to be addressed. If she uses his last name, you most likely would want to use Ms. rather than Mrs.

President John Doe and Ms. Ann Doe

If she uses her maiden name, then you would use that.wood desktop


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    April 14, 2018

    I was recently had virtual panel interview. I would like to send thank you notes to each of the six hiring committee members. My dilemma is that I do not remember the names of five of the committee members. Is it acceptable to send one note addressed to the committee chair person and the panel as a group? I do not want to delay sending the note/notes to long.
    Thank you your advice in advance. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter.

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      April 16, 2018

      Hi Allison,
      Ideally you would send a note to each person who interviewed you, so that would be a note to each member of the panel. Try to do a bit of detective work if you can. Call and ask an administrative assistant or office manager for the names and addresses of the panel so that you can get in touch with a follow up note. If they have direction for a preferred way to reach out they will let you know. If that is just not possible and it would be awkward to ask the chair or the person who set up the interview go ahead and send the note to the person you remember and allow the content of the message to reflect your personal thanks to them as well as your general thanks to the whole panel for their time and attention.
      I hope this helps and the rest of the process goes smoothly.
      All the best,
      Daniel Post Senning