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Wedding Date: Too close for comfort

April 27, 2018 0 Comments

wedding roses on pewQ: My son recently announced his engagement and potential wedding dates. A month later his cousin announced her engagement. Of course as luck would have it, the available date for getting married at the venue he and his fiancée have chosen is the same day his cousin has selected to be married in her friend’s back yard. How do we deal with this? First come, first serve? Do we worry about guests attending two weddings so close together? Help! Please!

A: This is something the couples will have to work out between themselves. Technically (although it would be difficult for the guests in many ways) they could have it the same day, or even the same weekend. The two couples should get together and discuss the issue at hand with an attitude of “what would make this work for all”. It’s difficult and frustrating, however if they each budge a little, no one will feel like they’ve given up their entire dream and everyone will understand that efforts were made by both parties to make the best of the situation.