RSVP: What to do when guests don’t RSVP?

May 31, 2018 0 Comments

Q: I recently invited 25 people to a cocktail party at my house. Fourteen haven’t responded yet and the party is one week away! Should I call to ask if they are coming?

A: It’s inconsiderate, but unfortunately common, for guests to fail to RSVP. Some forget; others procrastinate and then feel guilty, so they delay even longer. To the host it can seem as if your friends are waiting to see if something better comes along. The sad thing about the demise of the RSVP is it leaves the host feeling (justifiably) hurt and frustrated and relationships suffer. A host can take control though, it is perfectly polite for you to call guests and ask if they plan to attend your party. Say, “Hi Eduardo, it’s Sarah, I’m just calling to make sure you received the invitation to our party Friday night. Please let me know if you and Jim can make it.  Thanks!” Anyone who receives an invitation has an important obligation to reply as soon as possible.


June 1, 2018