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Lay Offs: What to do when a coworker is laid off

June 27, 2018 0 Comments

Q: My coworker got laid off due to budget cuts. I’d like to organize a send-off, but I’m not sure it’s appropriate in this case. What’s the best way to show him I care?

A: Talk to him. Find out how he’s feeling. He may not be ready for a get together right now. He might appreciate a week or so to get over the surprise or any hurt feelings. Say something like, “Jake, Phil and I would like to take you out for lunch. I wanted to check and find out when would be a good time.” Be understanding if he decides a get-together would be too difficult or uncomfortable right now. After he leaves, check in with him every few weeks to see how he’s doing and to offer encouragement.

laid off cafe work

June 28, 2018