Episode #200: 200!

July 9, 2018 0 Comments

episode 200 cover, fireworks

Welcome to Awesome Etiquette! Where we explore modern etiquette through the lens of consideration, respect and honesty. On today’s show Lizzie and Dan take your etiquette questions about wedding etiquette follow ups, when annual parties don’t happen, asking strangers to watch your stuff, a scheduling issue that resulted in bad email etiquette and leaving a surprise party before the guest of honor arrives. Plus your most excellent feedback, etiquette salute and postscript from Emily Post reflecting on how she approached Etiquette after almost thirty years writing about the topic. For Awesome Etiquette sustaining members your extra question of the week, available at awesomeetiquette.emilypost.com, is about a housewarming/stock the bar party, and how it comes across.

July 10, 2018