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Bridesmaid: To be or not to be?

September 21, 2018 0 Comments

Q: When I heard that my best friend from high school was getting married, I left her a phone message and wrote her a letter saying how happy I was for her. I was hurt when she never responded. Now, a few months before the wedding, she’s asked me to be a bridesmaid. Should I feel slighted (and refuse), or accept her offer?

A: It’s your call. I think, though, that you’ll probably want to accept. After all, it’s always considered an honor to be asked to be in a bridal party. If you still regard her as a good friend (it certainly sounds as though she thinks of you as one), I’d put hurt feelings aside or discuss them with her and then forget them. On the other hand, if the two of you have drifted so far apart that you really don’t feel comfortable participating, then decline gracefully.


September 21, 2018
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