walking down aisle

Q: My daughter is planning her wedding, and we’re not sure who should walk her down the aisle.  As her father died several years ago, would it be right for me to escort her?  Would it be better for her uncle to do it?  Or, should she walk down the aisle herself?

A: Any of these options are acceptable.  These days, it’s perfectly fine for a bride to have her mother escort her or to walk down the aisle alone.  The decision is up to your daughter, based on how close she feels to you and her uncle and what her dreams are for her special day.  Not too long ago, Peggy Post attended a wedding of a good friend whose widowed mother walked her down the aisle, and everyone agreed it was a lovely part of the ceremony.

walking down aisle

September 25, 2018
September 26, 2018

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    Hope Smith

    September 25, 2018

    My cousin got married earlier this month and was walked down the aisle by her younger brother.
    Their father has been out of the picture for many years, and was not present. Their stepdad is great, but this was the most fitting and touching scenario for them.
    Additionally, in lieu of “who gives this woman…,” the pastor (my dad) had everyone who had known either member of the couple for over ten years stand and commit to praying for and participating in their marriage.