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Room For The Groom: When the bride isn’t the only one with ideas

October 16, 2018 0 Comments

Q: My fiance expects to be involved all aspects of our wedding, but my mother doesn’t think it’s proper.  What do you say?

A: Tell your mother your fiance is right in line with the growing trend of today’s grooms being actively involved in their weddings.  Many men are having their say in everything from choosing items for the gift registry to selecting music readings for the ceremony; some even attend wedding fashion shows and are honored at “couples showers.”  There are several reasons why:  Grooms these days are apt to be older and better established and so may be paying some or most of the expenses.  Divorce can be a factor too: A man marrying for a second or third time tends to know what he wants; also, if his children are participating (often the case), then he’s more interested in what’s going on.  What I’m hearing from women is that they love having their fiances involved.  Certainly, there are more than enough duties to share-including writing all those thank you notes!


October 17, 2018