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boss shaking hands

Q: I often have to introduce my boss to a guest.  Is it proper to say the guest’s name first or my boss’s?

A: That depends on who your guest is.  Traditionally, the less prominent person is introduced to the other.  In practice, this means a person of lesser rank is introduced to someone of higher standing, or a younger person is introduced to an older one.  In situations where your guest is a client or is older than your boss, your guest would be considered more prominent.  So you’d present your boss to that person either by saying “Mr. Boss, I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Client,” or “Mr. Client, I’d like Mr. Boss to meet you.”  On the other hand if you are introducing your child or your friend, in deference to your boss you would present that person to the boss.

boss shaking hands

October 19, 2018