spiteful spaghetti

Spiteful Spaghetti: How to handle a hard to eat food

November 16, 2018 0 Comments

Q: In my opinion, one of the joys of eating spaghetti is twirling those long strands around my fork.  But my husband says you should cut the spaghetti into small pieces.  Who’s right?

A:You both are, although your way can be more fun once you get the hang of it.  Twirl the spaghetti, a few strands at a time, around the tines of your fork, using a spoon, if provided, or the edge of your plate for support.  The challenge, as you’ve no doubt learned, is not just to do that neatly, but also to take care that no long strands are left dangling from your fork or, especially, your mouth.  (If they are, pluck or bite them discreetly and hope they land on your fork rather than in your plate or lap).  Fortunately, for many people who have trouble mastering the twirling method, cutting the spaghetti with a knife and fork is also an acceptable method.  But cut only a small portion of noodles at a time, rather than tackling the whole plate at once.

spiteful spaghetti