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Maid Of Honor: Not Just for Women Anymore

February 1, 2019 0 Comments


Maid Of Honor

Q: I want my best friend, who is a man, to be my “maid of honor.”  What should he be called, and how should his role be adjusted?  I can’t picture him walking down the aisle right next to my husband’s best man.

A: These days, the term “honor attendant” is popular.  As for his duties, obviously he won’t be helping you change into and out of your gown.  But there are plenty of other ways he can help.  His first priority is to be an unstinting source of support on the big day.  Also, he needs to make sure the other attendants are where they should be and up to speed their responsibilities.  During the ceremony, he stands

next to you.  Some tasks can be modified: A friend of mine, for example, arranged for her male friend to hand her bouquet to her grandmother, sitting in a front pew, after she’d made her way to the front of the church (he didn’t want to stand there holding a bouquet).  As for how you all depart, the bridal couple’s two “best” men can walk solo down the aisle, one after the other.

February 2, 2019