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Table Turnoffs

Table Turnoffs: When food gets stuck in your teeth

February 15, 2019 0 Comments


Table Turnoffs

Q: What should I do if a bit of food gets stuck between my teeth when I’m eating-and what should I say to a dinner companion when it happens to him?

A: When you’re the one with the tooth adornment, you can excuse yourself from the table and remove it in the rest room.  What you can’t do is pry the morsel loose with a fingernail, toothpick fork, or matchbook cover while you’re sitting at the table.  If your dinner companion has the problem, go ahead and quietly mention it-it’s kinder than saying nothing, since it’s a problem easily solved.  If they discover the piece of spinach in their teeth hours later, they’ll wonder just how long they’ve been decorated with it.

February 18, 2019