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Job Hunting: Should I tell my boss?

March 1, 2019 0 Comments

Job Hunting

Q: I recently interviewed with one of my company’s chief competitors.  When offered the job, I declined.  Now I’m worried that my boss will hear about my interview through the grapevine and think I’m disloyal.  Does business etiquette require me to tell him?

A: It’s not necessary to tell him; in today’s world, it’s a given that employees are keeping their career options open.  If he does find out and confronts you, you can gently remind him that you proved your loyalty when you didn’t take the job.  There are scenarios where it’s appropriate to go public about interviewing elsewhere-if you and your boss concur there is no future for you at your current place of employment, or if you’ve announced  your relocating or changing careers.  Neither of these applies to you.